Privacy Policy

Partners Online Second Opinions respects your privacy.

Electronic Submissions

Medical information submitted electronically to Partners Online Specialty Consultations will be seen by a limited number of authorized individuals, including certain Partners personnel, Partners-affiliated physician(s), and outside parties hired to maintain and support this Web site. Partners Online Specialty Consultations and the parties supporting this Web site will store all captured information electronically on supporting systems or in paper records where appropriate. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations or other valid legal processes, we will not share any patient specific information we receive with any other outside parties.

Confidentiality and Use of Personal Medical And Financial Information:

Partners and the Partners-affiliated physician(s) will use medical information to consult with referring physicians and to facilitate the consultation, quality assurance, and record keeping. Partners will keep the information confidential in accordance with applicable laws and institutional confidentiality policies. Personal medical and financial information will be seen by a limited number of authorized individuals as necessary including certain Partners personnel, the Partners-affiliated physician(s), and parties with whom Partners contracts to maintain and support this Web site.

Patient information submitted by referring physicians, and the opinion from the Partners-affiliated physician will be part of a medical record maintained by a patient’s referring physician. Partners-affiliated physicians may also keep a copy of the opinion and pertinent patient information. In addition, Partners and the outside parties supporting its Web site will store the report and pertinent patient information electronically on supporting systems.