Sending Your Patient's Pathology Materials

Partners Online Second Opinions has partnered with Health Advocate medical record collection service to assist patients in collecting their medical records and diagnostic materials for an online second opinion with us. If your patient selected assistance from Health Advocate to collect their medical records and pathological materials, they will handle the collection process and will contact you on your patient's behalf.

If you or your patient will be handling the collection and submission of medical records and pathology specimens on your own, materials can be sent to us by mail or courier. All pathology specimens (glass slides and/or blocks) should be accompanied by a copy of the original pathology report. When submitting pathology materials by mail/courier, please send them to:

Partners Online Second Opinions
Attn: Case Coordinator
399 Revolution Drive
Suite 1310
Somerville, MA 02145

Important Information about Pathology Materials:

  • Please include previous pathology reports.
  • Please keep in mind that there is a fee for studies.
  • All pathology reports must be in medically translated English.
  • Unstained slides/blocks will incur an additional cost for special staining.

Contact Us if you have questions.