Where should I start?

You start by Registering as a referring physician. If your patient has given you a letter requesting your participation, the letter includes a Reference Number which you can enter during your registration. That Reference Number ties you to your patient.

During registration, you will enter information about your patient’s medical history along with any questions you would like answered. You will also be asked to enter information about what materials will be sent for review, such as images or pathology.

Either you or your patient should then send the required materials to us, which may be sent online/via upload, by fax or by mail.

If your patient selected the Health Advocate medical record collection service, Health Advocate may contact you directly.

Once we receive all of the necessary materials, this case is triaged to an appropriate specialist. A consultation is typically completed in about a week, but may take longer if there is considerable material to be reviewed.

You will receive an email notifying you that your consultation is complete, and you will be required to log back onto this system to retrieve the consultation report. Please be aware that most online consultations are paid by the patient, unless he/she is an employee or member of one of our client organizations. If you have questions on this, please contact us.