What Does It Cost?

The prices for our various consultation services are as follows:

  • Specialist Opinion: $575 each
  • Radiology Review: $300 each study
  • Pathology Review Starting At $350 each*
  • Psychiatric Consults from McLean Hospital: $1,000
  • Health Advocate Medical Record Collection Service: $265
  • Psychiatric Consults from McLean Hospital $1,000

Currently, most insurers do not cover the cost for online consultations. Patients are responsible for the cost of the consultation.

Pricing for radiology and pathology is based on how many different parts of the body are being interpreted. Each body location constitutes a separate study.

*Some pathology specimens may require special staining in order to interpret them properly. Additional costs will be incurred when special staining is required.

Submitting more than six (6) questions, including multi-part questions, will result in additional charges.

For any medical records greater than 50 pages we charge:

51 – 75$25
76 – 100$50
101 – 125$75
126 – 150$100
151 – 175$125
176 – 200$150

For medical records greater than 200 pages, please contact the POSC Case Coordinator at consultsinfo@partners.org.