Consultation Types

Specialists are available to consult in almost all adult and pediatric specialties.

In addition to a medical consultation, we can provide formal interpretation of radiology studies and pathology (biopsy) reviews.

Radiology consultations may include review of CAT scans, x-rays, MRI, ultrasounds, PET scans, and other imaging studies.

Pathology consultations typically involve review of the stained slides used in the original diagnosis.

When sending material to us for review, please include a copy of the original radiology or pathology report.

What kinds of questions can a consultation help answer?

  • Is the patient eligible for a certain new kind of treatment?
  • Are there alternatives to surgery?
  • Is the original diagnosis correct?
  • Is this the best treatment option available?
  • What are the pros and cons for the available treatment options?
  • If first line therapy fails, what is recommended as next therapy?
  • Of the newer drugs available, which seem to have the most promise in early clinical use?
  • What other experimental therapies have shown promise in early trials?
  • Are there unique therapies available in clinical trials that may be considered?