Where should I start?

To begin the process of obtaining an online second opinion, the following steps must be taken. During our regular business hours, US Eastern Standard time between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday we are available by phone and e-mail to answer your questions. You are welcome to contact us directly at consultsinfo@partners.org or (888)-456-5003. For international callers please dial (617) - 724-9295.

Step One: Create a Patient Account
Click here to register as a patient seeking an online second opinion. The registration form will ask you to fill in basic demographic information about yourself and if appropriate, it will ask you for billing information.

Step Two: Request Your Local Doctor’s Participation
Your local treating doctor will be required to register on our website and follow the instructions in the “referring physician letter”. Your doctor will provide more detailed information about your medical history and will indicate what materials will be sent as part of your consultation request.

Step Three: You or Your Doctor Sends Your Medical History
Once your doctor has entered all of the information, you or your local doctor will gather your most recent English language medical record as well as any corresponding materials such as pathology and radiology images, when appropriate.

We've partnered with Health Advocate to make collecting your medical records (including radiology and pathology) easier. Click here for more information.

All of this material can be e-mailed, faxed, mailed or uploaded onto our website in your account to Partners Online Second Opinions.

Step Four: Case is assigned to the Most Appropriate Specialist
Partners Healthcare will triage all of your information to the most appropriate medical specialist. We have over a decade of experience matching the right specialist with patients, but you can also request a specific specialist.

The specialist’s second opinion, as well as the radiology and pathology results are typically completed within two weeks. Partner’s Online Specialty Consultations case coordinators will keep you updated on the status of your second opinion consultation.

Step Five: Receive Your Completed Online Second Opinion
Once your consultative opinion has been written by the specialist and approved by our staff, it is available on the website for your doctor to view. Once your doctor has accessed the opinion, you will receive an automated e-mail informing you that the second opinion is ready to view. You should contact your doctor to discuss the results and your treatment plan. Upon completion of the consultation, your credit card will be charged and your case will be closed.

Note: If you are an employee or a member of one of our partner or client companies, your process may differ. Please contact us if you have any questions.